DentalXChange Partners With Zentist to Bring AI-Driven Insurance Payment Reconciliation to DentalXChange Clients

DentalXChange, announces a strategic partnership with Zentist, a leading cloud-based RCM software for DSOs and their affiliated general and specialty practices. Today, multi-site dental service groups are challenged with reconciling payer payments and effectively managing their account receivables. DentalXChange aims to solve this problem by leveraging Zentist’s Remit AI automated payment reconciliation technology into their platform to create an end-to-end solution for managing dental insurance claims payments. 

With an efficient reconciliation process, DSOs and multi-site dental service groups will be better equipped to accept electronic payments as EFTs from insurance companies and reduce costs simultaneously. Remit AI also digitizes EOBs for payers that do not support 835 EDI transactions, thereby expanding automatic bank reconciliation of payments from said payers.                     

“The partnership between DentalXChange and Zentist has been transformative. With Remit AI’s automatic EOB parsing and processing, integrated seamlessly with DentalXChange, we’ve experienced a sizable increase in efficiency in managing payments from hundreds of payers, significantly enhancing our Payment Posting Team's workflow,” says Kimberly Gauden, Credentialing & Claims Manager, Grand Dental Associates.

“As an avid user of both Zentist's Remit AI RCM software and beneficiary of DentalXChange's clearinghouse capabilities, we are excited about the upcoming integration between Remit AI and DentalXChange to bring automation to the claims follow-up process, in addition to payment posting. With the use of the new features and capabilities in the Remit AI platform supported by the direct integration, we are expecting to see more improvements in insurance AR days, our collections ratio, and more productive claims follow-up,” says Joseph Herman, RCM Manager, Juniper Services, LLC.

Today multi-site dental service groups spend a considerable amount of time and resources accessing claims and payment information through multiple portals and products. By combining the data and AI capabilities of DentalXChange and Zentist, practices can now manage their dental insurance claims, ERAs, EOBs, and bank payments in a single platform, streamlining the process from submitting a claim to payment reconciliation. 

About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has been at the forefront of modernizing and innovating dental claims creating dental payment solutions that bring ease to the payments process. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of more than 107,000 dental providers. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, through its own clearinghouse, state of the art technology consisting of modern APIs, and secure Web portals, DentalXChange processes over 300 million transactions, consisting of more than 71 million dental claims annually. 

About Zentist

Zentist is the #1 cloud-based insurance revenue cycle management (RCM) software provider for U.S. dental groups. The company's flagship product, Remit AI, facilitates self-service RCM analytics, automatic parsing of explanation of benefits (EOB), electronic remittance advice (ERA) data intelligence, and automatic reconciliation of remittance data against bank transactions from 725 dental payers. This ensures faster payment posting into any practice management software. Zentist empowers RCM teams with technology to efficiently follow up on outstanding insurance claims, reduce denials, and manage accounts receivable in less time. Founded in 2015, Zentist is backed by leading technology venture capital firms. For more information, please visit

Source: DentalXChange