DentalXChange Launches Revolutionary All-Payer Credentialing Platform for Dentists

DentalXChange, launches a one-of-a-kind credentialing platform, CredentialConnect, for dental practices and DSOs to simplify the payer credentialing process. DentalXChange has digitized and automated nearly every dental insurance company’s credentialing forms and requirements, into a single uniform platform. CredentialConnect saves providers time and increases revenue by minimizing calls with payers, removing paperwork from the process, and accelerating approvals by leveraging an electronic platform. 

DentalXChange’s intuitive platform simplifies credentialing with a three-step application submission process that allows dental practices to manage provider information in one place and submit supporting documentation electronically. Practices receive proactive notifications when providers are due for re-credentialing eliminating the need for manual processes and ensuring providers get paid on time. “Our provider and payer clients deserve a better, more efficient, and contemporary credentialing experience. It is 2024, it does not make sense for dentists who are already understaffed and who want to be in-network across 10 to 15 insurance companies to be struggling across disparate payer requirements and handwriting on paper forms. And payers need a single secure communication platform that does not require a dentist office staff member to sit on hold waiting. Simplifying and automating manual processes for the dental ecosystem is core to DentalXChange’s mission,” said Paul Kaiser, CEO of DentalXChange, “CredentialConnect can be launched from by clicking the ‘Credential Now’ button you’re three steps away from getting credentialed.”

About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has been on the forefront of modernizing and innovating dental claims creating dental payment solutions that bring ease to the payments process. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of more than 107,000 dental providers. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, through its own clearinghouse, state of art technology consisting of modern APIs, and secure Web portals, DentalXChange processes over 300 million transactions, consisting of more than 71 million dental claims annually. 

Source: DentalXChange