Dental Bridges Can Make Missing Teeth Invisible, According to TM Prosthodontics

According to TM Prosthodontics, a dental bridge fills the space created by a missing tooth. Dental bridges help improve smiles by providing structural support.

​The Benefits of Bridges

  • ​Dental bridges help maintain the shape of the tooth
  • They help restore the ability to chew
  • They help restore a person's smile

​Different Types of Bridges:

Traditional Bridges

​The most common types of dental bridges are traditional bridges and they are used widely in most dental offices. These are used in two scenarios: when people have natural teeth that are missing on either side or if they have implants on both sides. Traditional bridges last longer if people are able to adequately care for their bridges. In traditional bridges, a significant amount of enamel is removed to make room for the crowns. 

​Cantilever Bridges

​When there is only one anchor tooth for support, cantilever bridges come in handy. It is not recommended to use this kind of bridge for the back of the mouth. The enamel of the adjacent tooth is removed to prepare the tooth for the crown. 

​Maryland Bridges

​Porcelain or metal framework is used to hold the pontic (fake tooth) in place. There is no need for a crown in a Maryland bridge; hence the enamel of the adjacent tooth is not removed. These bridges are resin-bonded bridges. They are mainly used when someone is younger than 18, and are hence still in their growth cycle. 

​Implant Bridge

​When the person has two or more teeth missing, it is best to receive the implant-supported bridge. On one side of the bridge, porcelain or metal wings are used for the bonding. Implant bridges don't cause any damage to the adjacent natural teeth. There is no need for crown support in this type of bridge. Implant-supported bridges provide a comfortable feeling, resembling natural teeth. 

​Bridges provide a solution for missing teeth. Bridges allow users to retain their teeth's functionality while preserving their aesthetic. 

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