Demandwell Partners With GTM Partners on Data-Driven Comprehensive Guide to Go-to-Market

The first-of-its-kind guide introduces an eight-pillar GTM Operating System to help companies identify and map efficient growth opportunities.

Demandwell, the SEO growth platform for B2B SaaS companies, partners with go-to-market analyst firm GTM Partners, on the first data-driven Comprehensive Guide to Go-To-Market.

The guide is the first of its kind and includes data and insights provided by G2. 

"SEO is a crowded space and we are constantly looking at ways to differentiate Demandwell and accelerate the transformation of the SEO Industry," says Mitchell Causey, CEO of Demandwell. "The Comprehensive Guide to GTM together with the eight-pillar GTM Operating System and GTM Technology Cloud provides us the category unification and competitive advantage we are looking for. Our customers can now understand the revenue use cases that we support." 

The Comprehensive Guide to GTM deep dives into:

  • The current state of GTM.
  • The evolution of Marketing and Sales functions and their role in GTM.
  • A unifying definition for GTM and the roles and responsibilities of CEO, CMO, CROs, and more.
  • An eight-pillar GTM Operating System that helps companies approach GTM more holistically.
  • A use-case-based GTM Technology Cloud that helps organizations identify the right tech to support their GTM process.
  • Key trends that are driving the GTM Technology Landscape, in partnership with G2.

"This evolution of GTM is creating a new world order in the B2B tech space," says Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and CEO of GTM Partners. "Companies aren't looking for point solutions. They are looking for use-case-driven technologies that can integrate into their overall GTM plays. We need early adopters like Demandwell to enable companies to build strong GTM teams that help them achieve efficient growth." 

In a move to educate the industry on go-to-market, the guide is available for download free of charge. With this new partnership, Demandwell continues to further solidify its place as a best-in-class SEO platform for growth-oriented marketers. 

About Demandwell

Demandwell is an SEO software platform businesses use to generate repeatable revenue through organic search. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Demandwell's mission is to help others grow. To learn more about Demandwell, visit

About GTM Partners 

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Atlanta, GTM Partners is the brainchild of B2B go-to-market industry experts Sangram Vajre, industry expert Bryan Brown and Judd Borakave. The firm was created to help GTM professionals and solutions vendors achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy and process. To understand their offerings for GTM vendors and members, please visit

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