Demandwell Adds SEO Report Builder to Round Out Its Full Reporting Suite

Marketers Can Now Measure & Make SEO Impact in One Window

Today, Demandwell, the SEO Platform for B2B SaaS Marketers, is announcing the launch of its SEO Report Builder, rounding out the trifecta of Demandwell's full-stack SEO Reporting Suite. This is a major advancement on how marketers understand search performance metrics — all in the same platform where they do their SEO work. 

Prior to Demandwell's SEO Report Builder, marketers needed to build their metrics and SEO reports from the ground up, often in spreadsheets or disconnected systems. Not only does the new SEO Report Builder solve these problems, it also reduces the time it takes to create one-off reports and, therefore, the time it takes a customer to understand their SEO performance.

With Demandwell's new SEO Report Builder, marketers can easily create new reports from dozens of unique metrics and save them for ongoing analytics and on-demand reference. 

"Marketers have been slowed down by fragmented SEO toolsets and datasets for years," says Demandwell CEO Mitch Causey. "We're thrilled to share the news that, finally, B2B marketers of all SEO skill levels can slice and dice their Search Console, Analytics, and Demandwell SEO data in one window — a major advancement in the SEO industry. Making and measuring SEO impacts in the same place really sets Demandwell customers up for unique insights and faster growth."

With this new feature in the Demandwell platform, not only can any B2B SaaS marketer drive demand, traffic, leads and revenue with SEO, but SEO Managers can now report, strategize, and execute on their work within one system. 

As the only platform purpose-built for B2B SaaS marketers, Demandwell is the best place for SaaS marketers to go to optimize strategy, analyze performance, track site health, and also execute on their daily SEO content production tasks. 

About Demandwell

Demandwell, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the results-driven SEO platform for B2B SaaS marketers to drive demand, traffic, leads, and revenue. For more information on Demandwell or to schedule a demo, visit

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