DeleteMe: The California Delete Act is a Huge Win; It Empowers Both Consumers and the 'Privacy as a Service' Industry

The legal framework is slated to go into effect in 2026 and will change the structure of American privacy law and the data broker industry

The California Delete Act (SB 362), which limits data brokers' collection and use of personal data, just passed the state's legislature. DeleteMe, a Privacy as a Service (PaaS) company, believes that the Delete Act is a win for consumer rights that simplifies a traditionally frustrating opt-out process, allowing consumers and PaaS companies to better protect personal information. The law is slated to go into effect in 2026. 

The CA Delete Act will require data brokers to register with the California Privacy Protection Agency and provide a single opt-out method for all residents. Data brokers will have to comply with requests to delete personal data, and no longer track their personal information in the future. A similar framework has been proposed at the federal level, and passage in California increases pressure. 

The data broker industry has vigorously opposed the act and has argued of potential negative impacts on consumers should it come to pass. However, many privacy advocates and policy advisers have disputed these claims, arguing the act will deliver a net benefit to consumers. Where the law will have its most significant impact is the advertising industry, and the data-mining partners they rely upon. It may also affect some currently "free" service offerings where consumer data is the real product. 

The passage of the act will also strengthen the privacy industry and PaaS companies like DeleteMe. Measures like CA's Delete Act will not necessarily end the collection and monetization of sensitive personal information, any more than the FTC's "Do Not Call" registry ended the problem of robocalls. The PaaS industry will continue to play an important role in helping provide transparency and confirmation of compliance for both consumers and regulators.

"This is an important win for consumer privacy in the U.S.," said Rob Shavell, CEO of DeleteMe. "Data brokers have consistently made it difficult for consumers to control their data, and now it will be easier than ever for us to help individuals find out whether data brokers are publicizing their data so they can legally opt out based on the Delete Act." 

The Delete Act will further enable DeleteMe to ensure that consumers have control over their data and can opt out of any data broker sites where their data is being stored. 

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About DeleteMe:

DeleteMe, headquartered in Somerville, MA, stands as a beacon in the realm of personal data protection. With over 100 million individual pieces of data removed since 2010, DeleteMe stands at the forefront of the personal data removal domain. The company's core mission is to simplify the process of managing personal data online, ensuring that individuals and businesses can minimize risks to their safety.

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