Decimal Point Analytics Has Published Their Latest "Weekly Digest"

"Weekly Digest" - How India Can Strategically Use Current Low Oil Prices to Wean Away from Fossil Fuel

Indian financial research company, Decimal Point Analytics has published their latest “Weekly Digest”. In this weekly, there is an attempt to look at the current low oil prices as a strategic advantage for India and an opportunity to invest in alternate fuel sources.

Decimal Point’s weekly reports, covering a vast array of trending micro and macroeconomic factors, caters to investment managers by providing in-depth assessments for informed decision making.

This report provides some interesting perspectives on how India should take the current downslide in oil prices to strategically invest in alternate energy sources such as Solar, Wind, etc. and promote clean transport such as Electric / Fuel Cell Vehicles. The report points out that such a strategy would significantly help in controlling prevailing high pollution levels in India, apart from alleviating impact of volatile oil prices on her economy and dependence on the OPEC cartel.

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