Decimal Point Analytics Has Published the Latest "Weekly Digest".

"Weekly Digest" - The role of "Stamped Currency" in stamping out current Global Deflation

Indian financial research company, Decimal Point Analytics has published their latest “Weekly Digest”. In this latest weekly, their analysts revisit the famous Wörgl Experiment which helped the Austrian town to counter the Great Depression and turnaround its fortunes in 1932-33; and contemplate whether such an out-of-the-box measure still be a relevant way during the current global deflationary trends.

Decimal Point’s weekly reports, covering a vast array of trending micro and macroeconomic factors, caters to investment managers by providing in-depth assessments for informed decision making.

This study derives that utilizing stamped currency, by applying negative interest rates to paper currency and passing onto common depositors, might just be the impetus needed to pump-up spending and demand. Such an unconventional measure could be effective in reviving faltering economies in present day, just as it did some eighty years back as proved by the small town of Wörgl.

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