December's (2013) Top 5 Magento Extensions by MagentoCRUX

MagentoCRUX offers extensions that helps ecommerce stores to attract traffic, increase sales, managing payment methods, shipping methods, promoting sales, product insertions, third party integration and enable enterprise features.

Magento is one of the most regarded ecommerce platform; exercised by a majority of people worldwide as an efficient and quite workable web application. It has always stayed in fame due to its very reliable features, best adaptable to any sort of online functions. However, with ever-increasing requirements of multilevel integration throughout the millions of websites on internet, Magento has yet to do a lot more to cover all.

In this cutting-edge competition, we think awaiting things very soon seem to have been replaced by the existing solutions. MagentoCRUX - an expert online service provider - thoroughly understanding this truth has openly accepted this duty and has come across with a variety of valuable Extensions, best compatible with Magento's features. No matter what type of ecommerce stores you are owning and what sizes they are; our Magento-based Extensions (Added Advanced Features to Magento) are all set to cater to any style of ecommerce solutions with thoroughness and effectiveness to our clients.

Although we have all our extensions very active, for this December-2013, we have found five of them, which are very popular to our consumers both domestically and internationally.

1) Magento PDF Upload: This Extension enables you to upload multiple PDF files into various formats including Manuals, User Guides, Specifications, Case Studies and other supporting information to each Product Page at your very ease - a rich readability for users as well.

2) Credit Limit: This Extension enables you to adjust a credit limit for your customers, determined by the offsite policies letting them know about their credits left with them - an ease of Transaction.

3) Group Product Import: This Extension allows you to import products lines of different constituents, which are normally offered together - a great diversity of products.

4) TNS (Transaction Network Services) Payment: This Extension is the most protected payment module, widely used by thousands of Magento Store Owners and as many as 70 leading Banks worldwide. This module is well compatible with almost all currencies over the world - an error-free & safe payment method.

5) Europa Sports API: This Extension helps you to import all Europasports feed data on your Magento platform. The module offers automatic updates regarding the stock and price changes, dropped-out products, products needed to be added, removed or updated and many more just as per Europa's Updating Feeds' Files - such an accurate & automated ecommerce solution.