Cheap Magento Themes At For Quick Ecommerce Store Setup

Maven Infosoft is pleased to announce heavy price reduction on all basic Magento themes available at, which sells Magento themes, templates, extensions, customized e-commerce development, SEO and store branding for online retailers.

MagentoCRUX ( goes straight to the crux of all solutions sought by online businesses, customers and developers alike. It offers a wide range of practically useful Magento layouts and themes for your Magento website. These are available for instant download and implementation, wasting no time in installation or configuration. MagentoCRUX boasts of an outstanding range of handy Magento templates refreshingly different from the hordes of me-too e-commerce theme websites.

Maven has reduced to $19 prices of 25+ themes that were previously priced from $59 to $99. This is ideal for small-scale web retailers' ability to extend their existing web solutions in a manner that saves them on time and the costs associated with theme and template design; this will be translated into business processes and ultimately profits.

MagentoCRUX themes and layouts are thoroughly tested for functionality and compatibility in all of the most popular browsers, as well as in the most recent Magento version. Professional design will help you convert visitors into customers as you utilize our templates for Magento to take full advantage of the e-Commerce platform. Some of the themes on offer are:

Avignon: A professional Magento template with a dashing background style. The elegance of this theme is unmistakable.

Stone: This is theme suits all e-commerce products. The stone theme gives your store a professional look and feel.

Gold Fawn: The Gold Fawn theme is stylish. Period. A wishful combination of chocolate and gold with simple white menus.

Steel: The name says it all. The gray-blue combination is ideal for a variety of merchandise and blends in superbly.

Saddle: A refined and mellow theme with contrasts in brown. Showcases the richness of your products individually.

Ruddy Taupe: Draws attention to the items on sale. The sandy colours give your store a down-to-earth feel.

Black Ruby: Black Ruby stands out from all those themes out there with a distinguished combination you won't find anywhere else.

MagentoCRUX ( also offers expert services for Magento-based website design, development, hosting, installation, configuration, migration, upgrade, support, SEO, news releases, online press rooms, blog marketing, product forums, social media publicity and on-site IT staffing. The promoters have a successful and verifiable track record in each one of these services. They specialize in online store design, development and management using both open-source and proprietary technologies.

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