Deans Explains Benefits of Patio Awnings

According to Deans, patio awnings are one of the most popular style of residential awnings. These awnings come in numerous types of styles and colors, sure to meet even the scrupulous homeowner's needs.

According to Deans Blinds and Awnings UK, patio awnings are perhaps the most popular style of residential awnings. These awnings come in numerous types of styles and colors that is sure to meet even the choosiest homeowner's needs.

Some of the most popular styles include from the traditional original Victorian awning right up the very latest in high-tech automated systems - operated from an armchair.. It is apparent that the options are endless when it comes to choosing the right patio awning for the home.

Most of today's patio awning styles come with weather protection. Since the awning is likely to be exposed to elements, this weather protection is vitally important. Most patio awnings come with a special acrylic protective coat to provide a shield against those elements.

According to Deans, many awning installation companies will provide a standard five-year warranty on awnings. The warranty will usually cover any damage due to weather-related issues that the coating should have protected against. Though the guarantee usually only covers the first five years, most of Deans patio awnings will last up to more than 10 to 15 years, perhaps even longer if the awning is well cared for and is not exposed to very harsh environmental elements present in most regions in the country. After more than 10 to 15 years, however, the awning fabric will likely need to be replaced. Deans offer a full recover and refurbishment service and customers come back to them up to 20 years after making their original purchase so that Deans can replace the fabric cover of any make of awning at the fraction of the costs of a new one.

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