Deans Does Awning Makeover for Squires Bakery

Awnings and blinds manufacturer refurbishes an old customer's awning in time for spring.

​One of Deans Blinds and Awnings UK's old customers, Squires Bakery of Hungerford, asked the renowned manufacturer and installer of blinds and awnings to refurbish their awning in time for spring. Deans, using the latest Sunvas awning fabric for the shop, really has decided on trying on a bright shiny new look.

Deans have decorated the awning with the special Squires logo and added the range of services available to the valance. Deans also informed the public that they can create an impression of how their shop might look with a new cover - just by looking at the CAD design section of their website.

About Deans Blinds and Awnings UK LTD:

Deans have been manufacturing awnings for over 100 years and this has given clients the skills and experience to re-furbish awnings to as new condition.
Folding arm awnings can have new covers to present a whole new feeling to a business. New graphics can be applied so a change of name does not necessarily mean a complete new awning. Traditional awnings can be recovered and damaged boxes or laths replaced. Arms can be straightened new valances attached. Canopies can be recovered with new colour fabrics and sign writing applied by our own graphics department. More info available for this recovery service at

Source: Deans Blinds and Awnings UK