DEA Launches New Game Title for PlayMining 'Menya Dragon Ramen' on October 5, 2022

A new type of NFT game combining RPG and ramen sales simulation

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), Singapore-based global GameFi company, has launched a new game title "Menya Dragon Ramen" produced by a third-party company on its PlayMining platform on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, at 14:00 (UTC+8).

"Menya Dragon Ramen" is an "RPG x ramen sales simulation game" developed and offered by a third party company, Fly Penguin Inc.

Players can earn DEAPcoin ("DEP") by using "Employee NFT" in the game, defeating monsters in dungeons, and making and selling "ramen" with materials obtained from the monsters.

In addition to planning and developing its own game titles, DEA is actively helping third-party companies enter the NFT game market. Third-party companies can use the "PlayMining" platform to publish and sell original NFTs, sell in-game items and distribute DEP as a reward for game play, forming a unique token economy for each game.

DEA will continue to actively collaborate with third-party companies to enhance the titles on "PlayMining".

About Menya Dragon Ramen
Menya Dragon Ramen is a "RPG x ramen sales simulation" game in which players defeat monsters in dungeons to obtain rare "ingredients" and sell "ramen" made with the ingredients they have obtained.

In this game, DEP is earned according to the cumulative sales of "ramen" in a month, so players can earn more DEP by devising new ingredients and recipes.

For a detailed game outline of Menya Dragon Ramen, please click here.

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Comment from Takaaki Ikeda, Director, Fly Penguin Inc.
Thank you very much for your patience, we have successfully launched "Menya Dragon Ramen" on October 5!

We have made various improvements, modifications and brush-ups to the game based on the feedback we received from the beta test. As a result, we believe that we are now able to provide an even better game for users who have been waiting for it.

We were also very encouraged by the feedback the development team received from social networking sites and the Tokyo Game Show. Thank you very much!

We look forward to working with you all on the new Menya Dragon Ramen as a "Play to Earn" game. We hope you will enjoy creating unique and delicious ramen!

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