Dazzling Stage Special Effects From Non-Pyro White Fountains

Non-pyro Special Effect White Fountains Replaces Stage Pyro

Bright white fountains creating exciting bursts of energy without pyro — a great special effect for theatrical and special events — is energizing live shows like never before.

The white fountains' effect simulates stage pyro with a brilliant burst of dazzling light. Actually, a traditional special effect has become modernized and creates more spectacular displays from small devices that can sit on the edge of stages, or runways. 

The white fountains' effect can be created to shoot from six to forty feet in the air, and can last between 1/2 second to one or two seconds, on up to 20 seconds or more. TLC Creative Special Effects, of Los Angeles, CA, is providing the exciting special effect to special events of all kinds. 


Safer than fireworks — no smoke, no flame, no smell — white fountains are NOT pyrotechnics. The ‘white fountains’ effects are very safe, creating a burst of sparks that are cool to the touch. The heat generated as they flash is quickly dissipated. The devices can be placed almost anywhere, close to performers or scenery.


The high-energy rock ’n’ roll-style pyro effects are perfect for corporate events and VIP and CEO entrances that become larger than life, creating memorable experiences for the audience.

TLC provides lasers, pyrotechnics, and all types of live special effects for events. TLC recently debuted new dancing drone shows that combine flying drones with performers and special effects to create amazing entertainment that mesmerizes audiences with new technology.


Contact TLC for more information on white fountains and other live special effects.

For more information, contact TLC at 310-822-6790.

Email TLC@TLCisCreative.com



TLC Creative Special Effects


Source: TLC Creative Special Effects


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