Daw Systems, Inc., (ScriptSure) Partners With CoverMyMeds for Electronic Prior Authorization

CoverMyMeds, a leading electronic prior authorization platform for prescriptions, and Daw Systems, Inc., today announced a partnership to bring electronic prior authorization (ePA) functionality to the health care facilities and prescribers using the ScriptSure E-Prescribing (ERX) Cloud platform.

Prior authorization (PA) is the formulary management process of requiring pre-approval for certain prescribed medications. Historically, the PA process takes the form of paper, faxes and phone calls between medical practices, pharmacies and insurance companies. Electronic prior authorization transforms the paper-based PA workflow into an electronic process that minimizes prescription abandonment and administrative waste. Implemented properly, the ePA process provides real-time decision support for electronic prescribing.

ScriptSure ERX Cloud is the latest EHR system to partner with CoverMyMeds for electronic prior authorization and, according to the ePA National Adoption Scorecard, joins 73% of EHR and E-Prescribing vendors representing the majority of the market share who are currently committed to implementing ePA.

As a result of CoverMyMeds’ functionality, prescribers using ScriptSure ERX Cloud will be able to submit ePA requests for any medication and to all health plans. This functionality is unique to CoverMyMeds and arms physicians and their staff with the most efficient ePA solution.

“We are excited to add CoverMyMeds ePA functionality to our ScriptSure ERX Cloud application.  The time-consuming task of prior authorizations for our providers, their staff and ultimately their patients has been a ‘thorn in the side’ that can finally be removed,” said Adam Forman, Chief Operating Officer of Daw Systems, Inc. “The CoverMyMeds technology will deliver faster and more efficient medication processing and delivery to patients.  ScriptSure ERX Cloud application focuses on efficient work-flow and execution of tasks and the CoverMyMeds ePA allows us to improve on a very important part of the e-prescribing work-flow.”  Daw Systems, Inc. is scheduled to release ePA functionality by July 2017. Electronic prior authorization will be available at no cost to prescribers.

About CoverMyMeds
CoverMyMeds is a leader in electronic prior authorization (ePA) solutions, and one of the fastest growing health care technology companies in the U.S. CoverMyMeds’ software suite automates the medication prior authorization process for more than 500 electronic health records (EHR) systems, 49,000 pharmacies, 700,000 providers and most health plans and PBMs. By ensuring appropriate access to medications, the company helps its customers avoid billions of dollars each year in administrative waste and avoidable medical spending caused by prescription abandonment. Visit https://www.covermymeds.com for more information.   

About Daw Systems, Inc. (ScriptSure)
Daw Systems, Inc. develops ScriptSure medical software for all provider specialties and vendor implementations with E-Prescribing, Scheduling and EMR applications as its core products. Our ScriptSure E-Prescribing application has been ranked #1 by combining First Databank clinical databases, SureScripts certifications, web-based architecture and the best work flow methods.  Accolades include SureScripts White Coat awards, successful completion of Drummond Group’s ONC-ATCB EHR Certification (2011 and 2014) for Full EHR Ambulatory Meaningful Use Certification and EHNAC certification for ePAP and EPCSCP-Prescribing. To learn more, visit http://www.dawsystems.com.


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