Daw Systems Inc. (ScriptSure) First EHR Vendor to Connect to the Surescripts Network for E-Prescribing v6.0

Daw Systems Inc., developers of the ScriptSure Cloud v2.0, today announced they are the first Electronic Health Record (EHR) application certified to connect to the Surescripts® network for Prescription Routing services E-Prescribing v6.0 (NCPDP SCRIPT Version 2017071) and Directory 6.0 services.

ScriptSure Cloud v2.0 has been developed to comply with the latest NCPDP SCRIPT Version 2017071 standard, which is the basis for the Surescripts E-Prescribing 6.0 solution. ScriptSure Cloud v2.0 is certified for NewRx, EPCS, RxRenewalRequest, RxChangeRequest, CancelRx and RxFill. In addition, ScriptSure Cloud v2.0 is certified for Surescripts' latest Directories 6.0 services.

“We are excited to be the first E-Prescribing vendor in the United States to achieve Surescripts® E-Prescribing v6.0 certification and integrate the latest NCPDP Script Version framework into our ScriptSure Cloud v2.0. Keeping ScriptSure Cloud on the leading edge of E-Prescribing helps us meet our goals of delivering to our end users and partners the most secure, flexible and compliant E-Prescribing workflows. We are actively sending the very first E-Prescribing v6.0 (NCPDP SCRIPT Version 2017071) prescriptions through the network with great success,” said Adam Forman, chief operating officer of Daw Systems Inc. 

Upgrades to ScriptSure Cloud v2.0 are delivered at no additional cost to end users.

About Daw Systems Inc. (ScriptSure)
Daw Systems Inc. develops ScriptSure software enabling all provider specialties and vendor partners with E-Prescribing, medication management functions and medication history reporting. Our ScriptSure E-Prescribing application has been ranked No. 1 by combining First Databank clinical databases, Surescripts® network certifications for Prescription Routing services, web-based architecture and the best workflow methods. Accolades include SureScripts White Coat awards, successful completion of EHNAC certification for CEAP and EPCS-CP accreditations. To learn more, visit http://www.dawsystems.com.

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