David Shorenstein of HREA Acquires Two New York Properties This Summer 2021

David Shorenstein and Hildreth Real Estate Advisors (HREA) are proud to announce their latest acquisition of two commercial properties in New York City. Both acquisitions are part of a larger initiative from HREA.

The purchase of 209 7th Ave. occurred on June 29, 2021, while 301 E. Houston Street was made official on Aug. 17, 2021. Together, these two properties make the third and fourth acquisitions within the past 50 days.

David Shorenstein and Jason Breitstone founded Hildreth Read Estate Advisors in 2019. Together, they are both owners and operators of the company, leading it to make sound investments at every opportunity.

HREA is based in New York City and has earned a reputation for helping clients make strong real estate transactions since they opened their doors. The company currently provides real estate advice for New York, Florida, and Los Angeles and intends to expand further.

This drive to expand is part of the reason for their interest in these two most recent properties, as the HREA has high hopes for both. The first is 209 7th Ave, Chelsea, a mixed-used property with a restaurant on the lower levels. Locals looking for home-style Italian cooking will find themselves enjoying Restivo Ristorante, a restaurant that offers food on the go in a convenient corner location.

The second acquisition is 301 E. Houston Street, another mixed-use property and home of EdMan Services, an education management consulting firm. EdMan Services is available for anyone in need of educational advice and experience.

Both properties have apartments on the higher floors, with four and three apartments, respectively. HREA intends to leave the apartments in both buildings intact and available for rental. 

Source: Hildreth Real Estate Advisors