Data Science Learning Platform Launches Free Month Access to Online Courses

Full-month initiative by 365 Data Science Ltd. to mark the learning platform's rebranding and new website

365 Data Science, an online educational platform providing beginner-to-advanced courses for data science and business analytics professionals, announced a month-long, 100% free access to its entire content, starting Monday (Oct. 18).

"We've been keeping this under wraps for quite some time. Now, with the launch of our brand-new website, we're excited to share everything it has to offer in the most meaningful way possible - by giving everyone the chance to get familiar with data science and build valuable skills with our comprehensive training at no cost," Ned Krastev, CEO of 365 Data Science Ltd., says.

The campaign will unlock the entire library of courses, hands-on exercises, certificate exams, and resume builder for a full 30-day period from Oct. 18 (15:00 GMT+1) to Nov. 18 (14:59 GMT+1).

2 Million Minutes of Educational Content Watched Per Day

This isn't the first free access campaign for 365 Data Science. Last year, a similar initiative drove unprecedented levels of engagement, with more than 100,000 new student registrations worldwide from both complete beginners and experienced professionals. "We had a combined total of between 1 and 2 million minutes of educational content watched per day. That's certainly more than what we expected and made us realize the importance of what we do," Krastev says.

"With this year's Free Month, we are celebrating our rebranding efforts, new features, and improved student experience," he adds. "And we believe we'll get an equally positive response and high engagement."

A Structured, User-friendly Learning Experience

The start of the campaign marks the launch of 365 Data Science's revamped website, which company officials say is designed for an optimal learning experience. "After months of planning, development, and user-experience research, we managed to come up with tools and features that not only help users build invaluable skills but can also assist them at every step in their job-seeking process."

365 Data Science Ltd. provides industry-leading courses for aspiring data science and analytics professionals. Since it was founded in 2017, more than 1.5 million people have trusted 365 Data Science to build new skills, launch a successful career in the field, and expand the scope of their job opportunities.

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Source: 365 Data Science Ltd.

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