365 Data Science Unlocks All Courses for Free Until Nov. 20

The unlimited access initiative is a risk-free way to upskill in data science and AI.

365 Data Science 100% FREE Courses

365 Data Science—an e-learning provider with a 2-million-strong user base—is offering unlimited 100% free access to its complete range of content and features from Nov. 6 (07:00 PST) to Nov. 20 (07:00 PST). This includes the platform's entire curriculum, online courses, real data projects, and industry-recognized certificates at no cost.

During these two weeks, users can access all courses, exercises, projects, exams, and certificates for free, enhancing their skills in data science, data analytics, programming, machine learning, and AI.

A Long-Standing Tradition: An Initiative with a Mission

Now an annual tradition, 365 Data Science’s free access campaign—which began during the first COVID-19 lockdown—launches for the third time.

Ned Krastev, CEO of 365 Data Science, states, "Data science is an ever-evolving field that offers tremendous opportunities for career growth. This initiative embodies 365’s dedication to nurturing a global community of aspiring data innovators and lifelong learners."

In 2022, over 152,000 unique users from 200 countries joined the initiative—consuming 9.2M+ minutes of content and earning 38,761 certificates.

“Every year, we’re overwhelmed by the response from our students. The large amount of engagement is a testament to their dedication to learn and grow, and our mission is to support them every step of the way,” Krastev affirms.

New Features and Learning Opportunities

Users can work on real business cases this year to obtain applicable skills. 365 Data Science recently launched its library of practical projects based on real-world data, varying depending on experience levels, project complexities, and required technologies.

Ned states, “Practice-based learning is the path to skill mastery. Our team has been working to provide students with opportunities to gain applicable skills from the start. We’re excited to see how these projects impact their career journeys.”

All platform features will be available to users during the free access period.

While 14 days isn't enough to master everything for a data and AI career, this initiative provides a risk-free way to develop a broader understanding and lay the foundation for a successful career.

Join the program and start for free at https://365datascience.com/free-weeks-2023.

Source: 365 Data Science