Dash Enterprise 5.2 Centralizes Data App Development With Added Support for Apps Outside the Dash Framework

Plotly’s flagship product fosters easier management and deployment of Streamlit and Django apps, allowing teams working on multiple projects to unify under a single platform.

Dash Enterprise 5.2 Centralizes Data App Development

Plotly, the data app development software company, today shed further light on the functionalities to be packaged as part of its upcoming release, Dash Enterprise 5.2.

The company shared details of added support for developing, deploying, and managing Streamlit and Django apps on Dash Enterprise. The new experience provides a centralized location for Python developers, enabling a unified development environment for data apps.

Often, data teams across the organization work with varied skill sets, environments, and tools. Dash Enterprise 5.2 will act as a single platform for their end-to-end workflows, leading to a centralized deployment process, shared insights, and ultimately an optimized path to confident, data-driven decisions.

The key benefits of deploying data apps beyond the Dash framework on Dash Enterprise include:

  1. Unified application management: With support for multiple data app frameworks, users will be able to install, develop, debug, manage, and deploy data apps within Dash Enterprise.
  2. Simplified deployment: Similar to the process of deploying Dash applications, users can also deploy the code for their Streamlit or Django apps with the click of a button, without DevOps or IT support.
  3. Built-in authentication and authorization: Dash Enterprise offers the ability to add a login screen overlay onto data apps. Alternatively, users can integrate their own IDP (Identity Provider) using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), OIDC (OpenID Connect), or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) — providing full control over their applications.
  4. App management tools: Capabilities including workspace and memory management, log monitoring, and scaling capabilities will be available to users deploying their data apps on Dash Enterprise.

Plotly's popular Python data app framework, Dash, sees over two million monthly downloads. With this upcoming release, the company seeks to extend the capabilities of its flagship product, Dash Enterprise, to other open-source communities, including those of Streamlit and Django.

By introducing the ability to deploy apps on Dash Enterprise that utilize multiple frameworks external to Dash, Plotly eases the path to managing and unifying app development using a single platform. Learn more about how Plotly is centralizing the data app development experience.

Source: Plotly Technologies Inc.