Dancers Use Light-Up Xylo Balls From Xylobands USA Energize an Arizona Lottery Event at the WNBA Phoenix Mercury Arena

A light-up moment at the WNBA Phoenix Mercury for Arizona Lottery featured new-technology wireless glowballs from Xylobands USA. The Xylo Balls were customized with 'lucky numbers' and Lottery logos for the high-energy moment that included the team dancers and their interaction with the audience, throwing the balls into the crowd. The Xylo Balls created a light show, changing colors to the music, and showed the winner of the game. The DMX controllable glowballs and the Xylobands were made famous by the U.K. act Coldplay.

Xylo Balls from Xylobands USA Light Up the Crowd at the Phoenix Mercury for the Arizona Lottery

A unique visual experience greeted WNBA fans at the Phoenix Mercury Arena recently, an event with new technology Xylo Balls that light up to live control. The inflatable, light-up Xylo Balls were provided by Xylobands USA, the team bringing Xylobands LED wristbands to special events and shows of all kinds. The LED Xylo Balls added an immersive experience to the event created for the Arizona Lottery.

The audience bounced and tossed around the soft, light-up spheres, creating an exciting and fun half-time show. Using the same DMX technology as Xylobands (the light-up wristbands made famous by Coldplay), the Xylo Balls are controlled live, changing the colors of each glowing LED ball. "Lucky numbers" and Lottery logos were stickered onto each of the 20 Xylo Balls, turning the game into a huge Powerball show.

The thrill began with Arizona’s dance team moving and grooving around the court with the glowballs in hand to warm up the crowd for the half-time show. The dancers then began to throw out the inflatable light-up balls to the audience giving the fans a chance to be part of the experience. The LED balls lit up the arena as they filled the stands. With the help from the production team at TLC Creative, the Xylo Balls changed colors as they surfed around the stands, making a spectacular light show.

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Once these light-up balls bounced around the whole stadium, Arizona’s announcer told the crowd that one lucky fan would go home with $500, having everyone in the stands reaching out for one of those colorful balls with some hope to getting that lucky number. The fan with the winning Xylo Ball number took home the prize money and was able to enjoy the rest of the game with a little more money.

Xylobands USA has provided more Xylobands intelligent LED wristbands and LED lanyards than any other North American source. And, working with TLC Creative for production assistance and programming has created a perfect team to bring wireless light shows and experiences to events of all kinds.

“The Arizona Lottery is always looking for fun and engaging ways to make playing our games more appealing to Arizonans,” said Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar. “TLC Creative did a fantastic job of using these amazing Xylo Balls from Xylobands USA to make this experience larger than life for Phoenix Mercury fans in a truly interactive and exciting moment for them.”

TLC Creative worked with the OH Partners Group to bring the special moment to life using the light-up balls. Jeff Ward, production manager for TLC, tapped the inflatable Xylo Balls from Xylobands USA for the show and the TLC team added the logos and "lucky numbers" to each of the glowballs, in addition to programming the light show.

“We’re always thinking experience-first when it comes to sports sponsorships. Today, it’s less about big logos and more about connecting with our audience in a fun and exciting way,” said OH Partners Group Creative Director Ken Phox. “The sponsored half-court shots and kiss cams have been done to death, but Xylo Balls offered a unique, on-brand opportunity for the Arizona Lottery to connect and engage with the crowd.”


Xylo Balls were a featured audience moment as Coldplay debuted their song "Adventures of a Lifetime" on the American Music Awards, with dozens of Xylo Balls launched into the crowd.

Since Xylo Balls are inflatable, they look great on water. Floating spheres of glowing light have revolutionized outdoor events, bringing wireless, live-control lighting effects to pools and fountains. TLC is using RGB spheres, LED tubes and LED video dimensional shapes to surprise event guests with creatively placed wireless LED.

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