Dallas Olympian Asks if She Lost Her Medal by .04 Seconds or Because of a Doping Scandal

​Following the NY Times article outlining in graphic detail the actions of the Russian lab responsible for falsifying drug tests during the Sochi Olympic Games, Katie Uhlaender is speaking out. Uhlaender finished fourth in women's skeleton in Sochi, and is making her opinion known about the allegations of Russian athletes' illegal doping and cover up.

Katie is "heartbroken" and "sad the situation even exists," preserving and restoring "the integrity of the Olympic Games and what they stand for" should be the top priority in light of this unsettling allegation.

"We can move forward with integrity and honor. I'm not here to point fingers. I'm here asking for answers."

Katie Uhlaender, Three time Olympian and World Champion

"At this point action must be taken to restore faith in the Olympic Movement. The athletes of London and Sochi deserve answers to help restore the faith in the Olympic movement. The athletes, who are wondering if they would have gotten a medal, and the ones who won clean and deserve to have their names cleared, need answers," she says.

"We can move forward with integrity and honor. I'm not here to point fingers. I'm here asking for answers and truth to uphold what sport is about, what the Olympic movement is about. Any athlete who wants to compete in Rio should be proven clean beyond a reasonable doubt. We need to ensure moving forward something like this cannot happen, or even be suspected of happening."

Uhlaender lost the bronze in Sochi by .04 seconds. Uhlaender believes this is bigger than just a medal, but threatens the integrity of the Olympic movement, a movement she has spent thirteen years of her life believing in. This is not just another doping scandal, and there are more questions than answers. She hopes in the coming days leading up to the summer Olympics in Rio, more will be revealed to answer the questions of  who is on the list of athletes being named in this scandal, what will be done about it, and how this will affect Olympic sports going forward. Uhlaender puts a strong emphasis on the future of the Olympic Games, and highlights the importance of the task now charged to the leaders of the Olympic movement to seek the truth and take action to ensure this dream-crushing threat of injustice never returns. Uhlaender firmly asserts that answers and action are needed to restore faith in the Olympics.

About Katie Uhlaender:
Three time Olympian and World Champion, who narrowly missed an Olympic medal at the Sochi Games, lost her father before the 2010 Olympics with the opening ceremonies being the anniversary of his death. That same year, she shattered her kneecap as well as her dreams of an Olympic medal.  In 2014 she arrived in Sochi with numerous injuries including post-concussion syndrome.  She was inspired by a group of veterans and Navy seals she met while treating her concussion at the Cerebrum Health Centers, who encouraged her to fight with all she had, regardless of how unprepared she was for the Olympics, and still came up only .04 seconds short of a medal.

To learn more about Katie's story, follow the YouTube links below:

Source: Katie Uhlaender

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