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The President of Dallas City Access discussed the firm's expansion to Anaheim and the team member leading the effort. He also highlighted benefits of widening the company map and detailed a current hiring push.

The President of Dallas City Access discussed the firm’s expansion to Anaheim and the team member leading the effort. He also highlighted benefits of widening the company map and detailed a current hiring push.

As the company continues to sharpen its reputation as a leading provider of innovative product campaigns, Dallas City Access is broadening its influence. The firm’s President explained, “We’re proud to announce that we will be expanding into Anaheim, California! This is a bold move for sure, but I’m confident that our sales and marketing managers will make the most of it.”

Blake, one of the firm’s managers, will be spearheading the expansion. The President added, “Blake is committed to ongoing development, which is what allowed him to reach the management level. He will bring this same kind of dedication to our new Anaheim office.” In his new role, Blake will be responsible for guiding his team members to predetermined revenue goals, holding weekly meetings to discuss product campaigns, and a wide range of other administrative tasks.

The business benefits of expansion are considerable, and they begin with a broader customer base. “Our venture into the Anaheim market will put the Dallas City Access name front and center in people’s minds,” the company’s President added. “The brands we represent will benefit as well, knowing that their influence has spread to a far-flung and vibrant region. It’s an exciting time to be part of our extended family.”

Dallas City Access’ President on Expansion-Related Hiring Push

“We know we need an infusion of fresh talent to make the Anaheim expansion as successful as possible,” the firm’s President stated. “This is also true of the additional markets we have in our sights for the coming months and years. We’re looking for passionate, self-motivated people to join our team and make the Anaheim expansion the best one yet!”

Dallas City Access is an ideal destination for business-minded individuals for many reasons, one of which is its immersive approach to training. The President explained, “New additions to our team get exposed to every aspect of our business, from sales and marketing techniques to human resources tasks. They are fully prepared to thrive in their careers, even before they start taking advantage of our many ongoing education programs.”

Clear pathways to advancement also make the firm a desirable landing spot for top candidates. Promotions are based on merit rather than seniority or politics, which allows people to apply their unique talents with high goals in mind.

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Dallas City Access leads the way in interactive sales promotions. The team uses direct marketing expertise, high-level resources, and key partnerships to open new markets for businesses. These professionals showcase products live, creating connections between brands and buyers. Every campaign yields measurable returns. Dallas City Access’ industry success drives expansion for the firm and advancement for the team members. Learn more by going to dallascityaccess.com.

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