Dale W Wood Congratulates the Huma Team on Raising $130 Million

Major health and technology companies across the world have committed upwards of $130 million to Huma Therapeutics, the health-tech company backed by Dale Ventures.

Huma Team Raised $130 Million

Major health and technology companies across the world have committed upwards of $130 million to Huma Therapeutics, the health-tech company backed by Dale Ventures. The investment is being used to advance proactive, predictive care and research to help people live longer, fuller lives. Huma's highly configurable data platform supports clinicians and patients through digital 'hospitals at home' and can power virtual clinical trials for research.

"I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the entire Huma team and all its members who have worked tirelessly from the very beginning to make these cutting edge ideas a reality," Dale W. Wood, CEO of Dale Ventures, said. "The amazing turnout in this latest investment round only proves that the sky's the limit, and I'm thrilled to be among those backing these exciting possibilities."

Global investment firm Dale Ventures, led by CEO Dale W. Wood, was an early leading investor in British healthcare-tech company Medopad, which later acquired prominent British healthcare companies BioBeats and Tarilian and rebranded itself as Huma. Impressed by Founder and CEO Dan Vahdat's noble aim of enhancing healthcare quality through simple, low-cost devices, Dale made a $1 million USD seed investment in the company.

Huma has built a modular platform that supports digital 'hospital at home' for a range of use cases across different disease areas and, in life sciences, it powers some of the world's largest decentralized clinical trials and studies. Huma uses digital biomarkers, predictive algorithms, and real-world data from continuous patient monitoring to advance proactive, predictive care.

Evidence shows that Huma's platform can double clinical capacity, reduce readmission rates by a third and reduce costs. Their award-winning Covid-19 'hospital at home' has been helping care for patients nationally and was offered to governments not-for-profit in support of the fight against the pandemic.

The latest funding round for Huma pulled in investors from leading technology and health companies, including Bayer, Samsung Next, Hitachi Ventures, and others. In addition to the initial $130 million, new investors have committed to an additional $70 million that can be used at a later date.

In March 2021, the Financial Times ranked Huma 20th on a list of Europe's fastest-growing companies and ranked it the UK's fastest-growing healthcare company. Dale Ventures has continued to support its impressive growth, and Dale Wood has repeatedly expressed his faith in the company "to transform healthcare in an exceptional way."

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