Cut Stoppers, for Boxing and Other Contact Sports

Cut Stoppers, for boxing and other contact sports are safer and more effective than the small cotton swabs which are usually used for injuries.

The Cut Stoppers, a line of gauze applicators, are specially designed to treat injuries which occur in contact sports. When lightly pressed onto an injury, the Cut Stopper molds and adheres to the shape of the surface, aiding in the absorption of any excess fluids.. The affordably priced Cut Stoppers is safer and more effective than the small cotton swabs which are usually used. This versatile product would also be useful in homes or in medical settings.

The Cut Stoppers line has two versions. One version has a thin wooden stick which is wrapped with gauze and a rounded enclosure to secure the gauze in place. With this model, hands will not come in contact with body fluids. The second version is the gauze without the stick. This version is for more serious cuts that require more pressure and closer contact. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Cut Stoppers.

The Patent Pending Cut Stoppers was invented by a personal trainer and former professional boxer, Juan Martinez, of Hollywood, CA. He said, "A Cut Stoppers is gently placed against a wound and light pressure is applied. The Cut Stopper will probably cover the entire cut area, so a few moments of light pressure should be enough to absorb any blood, pus, or sweat seeping from the injury. Right in the middle of a match or action, the Cut Stoppers quickly stops blood loss, prevents fluids from getting into the eyes, and alleviates the risks of contamination from excessive bodily fluids."

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