Customizable and Versatile LED String Light,, Set to Launch on Kickstarter Mid-October 2021

OpenIOT is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign on October 18, 2021 for, a U.S. patented string light that allows users to create personalized patterns and sequences by individualizing the flicker of each bulb with a convenient mobile app

Conventional string lights use an elementary form of sequencing. Most are engineered to either be on or off along with a different set of lights. Peter Oh, creator of, thought this severely restricted the potential of string lights. proudly holds a U.S. patent for having a semiconductor chip in every one of its 300 LED lights attached to the string. This gives the user finer precision of the light settings so that it matches their exact mood and intent. It also allows the lights to be used in more versatile settings - whether that's wrapped around a Christmas tree near a crackling fire, hung around the patio for a romantic date night outdoors, or used to spruce up your d├ęcor.

All of's settings, which include frequency, brightness, duration for fade in and fade out, as well as randomness, can be controlled by the native mobile app. While users can make use of one of the eight presets, such as "fading memories," "nostalgic love," and "roaring bonfire," they can also create their own presets and sequences. This results in an infinite number of variations.

The idea for dates back 30 years when director Peter Oh walked down the streets of Seoul during the Christmas season and was disappointed by the boring pattern of the string lights that surrounded outdoor trees. Then, inspired by the flicker of sunlight that reflects off a body of water and the twinkle of stars in the night sky, he set off to create string lights that could mimic the randomness of nature.

"Do you ever just sit down in front of a fire or water and gaze at nature's wonder?" said Oh. "That is the same effect I want to have on people. It's not mechanics - it's art."

Starting October 18th, 2021, will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited 30 days. Early Bird Single Pack offers at $99 and allows backers to choose between two shades of light, cool white and warm white. This will be an exclusive 20% discount deal off of retail price and is only offered during the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

About OpenIoT

OpenIoT, an up and coming tech start up from Korea, specializes in integrating advanced technology to elevate the purpose and aesthetic of decorative lamps. It has received a U.S. patent for its semiconductor technology and continues to grow its vision to make accessible to all consumers around the world. To learn more about OpenIoT, contact Peter Oh at

Source: OpenIoT


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