"Curtain Memories": Enhances Sheer Visual Pleasure in a Home or Office Window

Curtain Memories is a line of window blinds and curtains featuring customized, photographic images imprinted on their surface. The design intent is to provide consumers with an attractive means of personalizing and improving the appearance of their windows via the user's personal treasured photographs. Window curtains in the line could be manufactured from a variety of materials such as silk, satin, cotton and synthetic blends and produced in sheer and solid offerings. The Curtain Memories line accommodates virtually any household window from small to large and would offers consumers numerous design options and considerations including decorative accents, embellishments, and integrated solar lighting and more.
Curtain Memories can be configured on virtually any household window from small to large and on either vertical or horizontal slats made of plastic, vinyl or wood. Just as with traditional window treatments, Curtain Memories has adjustable rods and pull cords for opening and closing the curtains or blinds and mounting brackets and hardware are included. Chosen photographs are enlarged to desired dimensions and imprinted onto the designated curtain via high-quality fabric ink. In the case of Curtain Memories window blinds, the image is broken to accommodate the individual slats creating a cohesive image when the blinds are closed. Images can be of loved ones, friends, special occasions, vacation views, sporting events, or another design theme. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Curtain Memories.
The Patent Pending Curtain Memories was invented by Teresa Rodriquez of Hawthorne, NJ who said, “This product transforms traditional window treatments into showpieces and windows become a piece of art. Curtain Memories add to the overall décor of a room, adds light to the room from the solar lighting embedded into the blinds and also serves as a night light where Curtain Memories are used. They also become a conversation piece for first time visitors.”
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