CurBot Announces Launch of a Smart Robot to Turn Any Curtains Into Smart Curtains

Smart home innovators CurBot just announced the launch of a new app-enabled and voice-controlled robot that provides smart control of window curtains. Created to add convenience and versatility to smart home integration, this robotic curtain system has automatic features and a long battery life for the ultimate in curtain control. CurBot, from OTER, is available now:

CurBot is an advanced smart robotic device that can turn any curtains into a fully automatic curtain system with smart home control. With CurBot, no installation tools or skills are necessary — the self-contained robot sits directly on the curtain rod and can be set up in seconds. It fits virtually all curtain rails and rods for wide compatibility with any curtain or window treatment. CurBot eliminates the need to open and close curtains manually and has a suite of features that adds simple convenience to life at home.

"With the proliferation of smart home devices making our lives more streamlined and convenient, we noticed something that we use every day — window curtains — was being overlooked. Now, with CurBot, curtain control can be as easy as speaking a command. Our system works via remote control, IFTTT or with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Siri for voice commands. In fact, CurBot can link with over 300,000-plus Tuya items — meaning it can connect with more smart devices than other curtain robots. The result is an easy integration with your existing smart home devices and ultimate control over your curtains," said Josh Hong, founder, CurBot.

CurBot has a built-in sunlight sensor to detect when the sun comes up and can be set to automatically draw the curtains and let the sunlight flood in. This feature helps save energy costs by reducing the workload on air conditioning and heating and gives users the option to wake up naturally with the rising of the sun. The system can also be set on a schedule via app to automatically open and close as needed for different rooms. Unlike curtain robots of the past, CurBot uses the latest battery technology, with an on-board battery that can last for up to one year on a single charge.  

With automatic scheduling, quiet operation and convenient voice control, CurBot is the ultimate curtain solution and a handy new accessory for smart homes. This exciting new product is available now with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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