Curated's Latest Empowering Initiative: Complimentary Discovery Calls Supporting Individuals on Their Psychedelic Healing Journey

Curated Mental Health is thrilled to announce an empowering initiative designed for individuals ready to embark on their healing journey: complimentary discovery calls with our dedicated Psychedelic Patient Liaison. These calls serve as a guiding light, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during the psychedelic therapy experience and how to prepare for this transformative journey. 

Gaining comprehensive insights into the entire process of psychedelic therapy, establishing realistic expectations regarding potential outcomes and limitations in alignment with specific goals, addressing questions and concerns, and establishing compatibility and trust with the mental health provider are among the benefits of the discovery calls. 

The 15-minute assessments are conducted online, enabling interested individuals to conveniently schedule their calls and explore opportunities for personal growth and healing. Those interested in participating in this initiative can schedule their call and embark on their journey toward emotional well-being and growth by visiting and accessing the 'Discovery Calls' page. 

Source: Curated Mental Health

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