"Cup Spot": The Spot for Cups Serves as a Perfect Space-Saving Disposal Service

The Cup Spot™ is a specially designed, bag lined recycling receptacle configured for disposing of plastic drinking cups in a vertical, nesting or stacked manner. It is designed to provide environmentally conscious consumers with a streamlined, space saving, everyday use product that makes recycling of common plastic cups easy. The Cup Spot™ is a free-standing unit that can also be easily mounted to a wall. Once the unit is in place, the user will line it with a companion collection bag, and secure the top around the lip of the unit and cap it with a provided lid. When you dispose of a plastic cup, you will simply open The Cup Spot™, and drop the cup right side up into the receptacle. As more cups are added, the cups nest inside each other, and when filled you simply lift the entire bag, seal it closed and place the bag in a recycling bin.
The Cup Spot™ will be made in a sleek, modern design and feature a durable stainless steel exterior. It would be sold along with plastic liners sized specifically for the narrow channel of the unit. The liners will use less space than common bin liners, so this will lead to money savings as well as a reduction in waste. The Cup Spot™ will be made in a practical size so it can be unobtrusively stored anywhere.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cup Spot™.
The Patent Pending Cup Spot™ was invented by Cordell & Frank Toson of Clarksburg, NJ who said, “The Cup Spot™ will be a great product for families and individuals who consume a lot of beverages and don't want to give up the convenience of plastic cups. As a green and energy efficiency advocate, we want to solve the plastic cup problem in our landfills.”
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