Crystalbrook Sustainability Month: $10,000 in Resort Credits Up for Grabs, Footprint Free Stays, and Paid Leave for Staff to Care for the Environment

From providing paid earth advocacy leave for staff, Footprint Free Stays and awarding the public for environmental ideas, Crystalbrook Sustainability Month will demonstrate the hotel group's philosophy of delivering #responsibleluxury and sustainable innovation.

Your Moment for Change: $10,000 in resort credits up for grabs

Crystalbrook is inviting Australians to share their environmental ideas to further foster sustainability in hospitality. Your Moment for Change invites entrants to design a sustainable initiative with he winner receiving $5,000 in resort credits that can be used across Crystalbrook's portfolio of hotels and resorts. The two runner ups will each receive $2,500 in resort credits. To apply, and for more information, visit Crystalbrook Sustainability Month.

Paid leave for staff to rally for the environment

All Crystalbrook full-time staff will be awarded an additional day of paid annual leave in the form of an Earth Advocacy Day. The additional day of leave can be used for advocacy, engagement or education.

"If our staff want to attend a climate rally once lockdowns are over or participate in environmental initiatives, we want them to know we're right behind them," said Crystalbrook CEO Geoff York.

Cairns - Crystalbrook Bailey, Crystalbrook Riley and Crystalbrook Flynn

Footprint Free Stays - In an Australian first, the trio of Cairns hotels and resort will be trialling Footprint Free Stays, redesigning the guest experience pursuing prevention and reutilisation of waste (including into art).

Guests opting into a Footprint Free Stay agree to avoid using single use plastic, reuse linen and recycle waste during their stay and are rewarded with a $15 daily restaurant and bar credit.

Byron Bay - Crystalbrook Byron

Forest Gin: In partnership with Bryon Bay Spirits Company, Crystalbrook Bryon has developed a signature gin using a selection of native botanicals, including those foraged from the Resort's on-site rainforest. The used glass bottles are sent back to be refilled and the labels are made from Plant PP.

Brisbane - Crystalbrook Vincent

Zero Waste Kitchen - Crystalbrook Vincent is using Crystalbrook Sustainability Month to work towards zero landfill waste in their kitchens. Food waste such as banana skin will be repurposed into slow-release fertiliser to nourish the plants on the façade of the hotel.

Newcastle - Crystalbrook Kingsley

Waste to Wonderful - A series of digital activations from the hotel teaching guests how to get creative with everyday food waste and transform it into something spectacular including transforming leftover citrus peel to killer cocktail garnishes to butchering and using the full fish.

Sydney - Crystalbrook Albion

Pups, People and Plants - Crystalbrook Albion is partnering with One Tree Planted to support reforestation and will plant a native Australian tree for every person and puppy who books in the month of October.

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