Crystal-Clear Text Quality With FlippingBook: Introducing Vector Text in FlippingBook Products

FlippingBook, a company that develops professional software for presenting sales, marketing and training documents online, announced a major upgrade to its products - high quality vector text documents. After introducing HTML5 to FlippingBook Online and FlippingBook Publisher, the company went further in improving the look and reader experience of the documents and introduced vector text in its products.

With this upgrade, when readers view documents made with FlippingBook, they will see crystal-clear text quality on any screen, from smartphones to 4K displays. The text looks crisp and clear on any high-pixel density or retina display.

To make this possible, FlippingBook has done much work to upgrade the technology behind the creation of documents in both products. It’s now using vector graphics for text. And the greatest advantage of vector text is that it can be scaled to any size without losing the quality. Readers can enjoy viewing the documents on any device or screen.

FlippingBook always aspires to help companies from different industries, such as manufacturing, real estate, or education, to be more effective in their marketing activities. With the help of FlippingBook products, they can turn plain PDFs into online documents with videos, interactive navigation, and custom design.

About FlippingBook

FlippingBook started out in 2004. Since then, it developed FlippingBook Publisher and FlippingBook Online - a professional software and web-service for turning PDFs into interactive HTML5 documents. Its clients are the companies from different industries, including manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, education, and retail.

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Anna Konovalova - Content marketer


Source: FlippingBook

About FlippingBook

FlippingBook™ - software & cloud service for creating and storing professional online publications with page flip effect. We help you to convert simple PDFs into interactive flipbooks for clear and meaningful communications with your audience.

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