Crush the USMLE Announces Scholarship Program

Crush the USMLE is dedicated to helping medical professionals obtain licensure as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. Getting this certification is difficult, especially given the rigors of the medical profession. That's why Crush the USMLE is offering its scholarship program, as it will give medical professionals a break on some of the costs and hassle associated with obtaining licensure. 

By providing this annual USMLE scholarship, Crush the USMLE offers an easier path to certification. In order to be considered for this USMLE scholarship, applicants should be actively pursuing the first step of medical certification. At the very least, medical students should be looking to secure a license to practice medicine.

"Medical school and hospital shifts were enough to occupy all of my time and attention. Passing the various steps of the USMLE were just unwanted cherries on the top of the medical sundae. That's why the Crush the USMLE scholarship was a lifesaver—it helped me pass without having to spend too much time doing so!"

Dr. James A., Former Scholarship Winner

This is an annual scholarship for medical professionals who need to obtain licensure. Applicants must enter prior to May 2017, when the winner will be chosen and announced by our staff.

Included with Grand Prize

  1. $605 reimbursement of USMLE Step 1 fees
  2. GraduateX USMLE Review Course ($289 value)

You can learn more here:

Source: Crush the USMLE