Crownhill Packaging Awarded Tach-It® Top Dog Award - Highest Growth Percentage

Tach-It Top Dog Award - Highest Growth Percentage

 Crownhill Packaging and Tach-It are two renowned names in the packaging industry and have been working together closely over the last year to help companies make their packaging process more efficient. These cooperative efforts have led to a considerable increase in Tach-It products being delivered as part of Crownhill’s custom packaging solutions.

Tach-It recognized this growth by awarding Crownhill with the Top Dog Award-Highest Growth Percentage on May 21st, 2019, during the Packaging Distributors of America Annual Meeting held at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Arizona.

A huge factor behind this growth is Crownhill’s focus on bringing entry level automation equipment to customers around the United States and Canada.

The Crownhill sales team has utilized their years of expertise in the packaging industry combined with training sessions from top Tach-It executives, to bring entry-level automation equipment to workplaces across North America, upgrading their productivity and improving their shipping and packing process. 

This award was more than just about numbers, Tach-It and Crownhill have made great strides in developing a strong bond that has benefited their customer base by providing superior service and product knowledge. Crownhill Packaging became the first company in Canada to achieve official Tach-It Technician Credentials. This has given Crownhill the ability to provide Canadian based technical support for Tach-IT equipment.

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About Crownhill Packaging

Crownhill Packaging is a full-service custom packaging distributor who prides itself on helping companies reduce costs by automating packaging processes, lowering material costs, and reducing defective product delivery. By committing to supply chain excellence, the company has enabled companies to keep their products protected and ensured their packaging is appealing, all while remaining cost-efficient. For the past 30 years, Crownhill has been delighting customers and suppliers around North America.

About Tach It®

Tach-It is a division of Ben Clements & Sons that believes packaging automation should be available to all. At its core, the company is a team of innovators who are continuously figuring out better ways for companies to solve their packaging issues more efficiently. These innovators are dedicated to the creation of equipment that reduces costs, packing time, and employee injury associated with repetitive actions. This innovation has led to Tach-It being the world’s largest manufacturer of twist tie machines, a market leader in the supply of tagging systems, and one of the greatest producers of tape guns. 

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