Crownhill Packaging and Lifdek Corporation Enter Into Licensing Agreement for Advanced Corrugated Pallet Technology

Crownhill Packaging and Lifdek Corporation enter into Licensing Agreement for Advanced Corrugated Pallet Technology

​Crownhill Packaging is launching another innovative packaging solution. Faced with the challenge of bringing to market a safe, sustainable wood pallet alternative that collectively offers both cost efficiency and sustainability, Crownhill has successfully partnered and entered into a patent license agreement with Lifdek to launch the most efficient corrugated pallet technology in the marketplace.

Lifdek’s patented pallet designs offer a safe alternative to wood and plastic pallets and easily handle most pallet shipments in North America, which consist primarily of fast-moving consumables of less than nine hundred pounds per pallet. Lifdek’s pallets weigh less than eight pounds on average, compared to as much as 60 pounds for some block style pallets, which equates to massive savings for air freight applications billed by the pound.

“It’s time customers optimize their pallets to their pallet loads, rather than forcing their load configuration to accommodate today’s standard pallet dimensions. Eliminating just two inches of empty space on a pallet dimension would add enough room for four additional pallets of product in a fully cubed 53’ trailer; that’s an 8% reduction in freight costs and emissions,” says Joseph Danko, President of Lifdek Corporation.

Lifdek’s patented pallets can be designed specifically for the optimum load configuration of a customer’s products because they consist simply of two die-cut blanks that can be assembled on-site in less than 30 seconds without glue.

“Canada is the second-largest landmass in the world and is focusing on implementing strong environmental legislation through Canada’s Federal Sustainable Development Act. Lifdek’s corrugated pallet technology reduces the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain. We are pleased to be working with Lifdek to analyze, locate and quantify total cost advantages and sustainability metrics within the supply chain for customers searching for a safe, sustainable wood or plastic pallet alternative,” said Ken Wong, Vice President of Crownhill Packaging.

Utilizing Crownhill’s existing infrastructure of corrugators, Lifdek pallet blanks can be die-cut and shipped KDF (flat) in local proximity to customers, reducing inbound pallet freight costs and emissions by up to 75%. Lifdek pallets are received by customers and recycled with other used corrugated containers, eliminating reverse logistics costs and emissions for empty wood pallet loads.          

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