Crowdfunding Turning Ideas into Projects with Budgets

California publishing house Small Biz Thoughts is garnering support for popular Author Karl W. Palachuk's latest book project by utilizing the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Prominent I.T. Author Karl W. Palachuk, in conjunction with the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, has just one more week of his 7-week fundraising campaign to support a 4-volume book series on Standard Operating Procedures for I.T. Consultants.

The reaction from the I.T. community has been strong and welcoming, with those contributing set to receive copies of the completed book series. The campaign is enabling a 4-volume book series to be produced in one seamless publication and release, a particular delight to Palachuk's well-established fan base.

Palachuk chose Indiegogo as the platform to launch his campaign due to their reputation in helping to promote campaigns run through them. Palachuk says "Crowdfunding is an instrument to break away from just selling books to your audience. It allows your audience to engage with you and be a part of the production process."

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin has remarked in several media interviews that "This will go down as the decade of crowdfunding," "By the end of this decade, people won't talk about crowdfunding…it will just be layered into the fabric of funding (projects)."

The concept behind the book series is rooted in Palachuk's S.O.P. Friday's series, which has been a staple of his popular Small Biz Thoughts blog, for years. The blog and S.O.P. series have helped thousands of Managed Service Providers and I.T. consultants reach their customers with solid business models and experienced advice on the latest I.T. offerings in cloud services, service migrations, remote managed options, and so much more.

Palachuk has twenty years' experience in this industry, including: hosting an 11-city road tour for Intel when Intel launched their Hybrid Cloud Server with Lenovo®; serving as a hands-on lab instructor for Microsoft and keynoting at their World Wide Partner Conference®; and training consultants on Hewlett Packard products and being involved in HP's product advisory councils.

Palachuk has written 10 books, including Managed Services in a Month, a top seller on Amazon for managed services for the past four years. He has advised business owners in the small business space for over a decade as an international speaker, blogger, Podcast host, and personal business consultant.

The SOP for I.T. Consultants Indiegogo campaign ends midnight on December 15, 2013. Campaign information can be found at:

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