Cronzy Inc. Introduces a World of Infinite Color Possibilities With a Pen That Writes in Over 16 Million Colors

The ultimate drawing tool is being introduced via the 'CRONZY Pen - Over 16-million colors in your pocket' project on Indiegogo. The campaign team is crowdfunding to bring a modern gadget capable of writing in over 16,000,000 colors to market.

Cronzy Pen

​​Cronzy Inc. has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a funding goal of $200,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring their innovative Cronzy pen to market. Cronzy is a hi-tech pen that promises to be the favorite tool for artists, designers, or anyone who wants to add some color to their world. Due to the innovations of modern technology, the team at Cronzy have created a pen that is actually capable of writing in over 16 million colors. Cronzy Inc. CEO Alex Leonets states, “The high-tech era demands fresh solutions in all aspects of life, and the art materials industry is no different. Gone is the need for artists to carry around dozens of bulky multi-colored pens, or waste time trying to recreate their favorite shades. We want our pen to become the essential tool for every designer and digital artist, and to be found on the desk of every creative agency across the globe.”

Cronzy is truly a marvel in the world of modern technology. This hi-tech gadget has a small scanner in the base of the pen that scans a color, and then recreates it. A user touches the base of the pen to the desired object; perhaps it is a blossom in a beautiful shade of purple, an orange, a leaf, hair color, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once the color has been scanned, the ink cartridges in the pen are capable of recreating the color, allowing the person to draw or write in the new hue. Since Cronzy is capable of recreating over 16 million colors, the world of color truly is at the artist’s fingertips.

"We want to see our future as bright and colorful so we created a new high-tech art tool - Cronzy. This wonder-pen allows you to write or draw in any color you like, with a selection of more than 16 million colors."

Cronzy, Team

Cronzy works with an App that is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows phones. The Cronzy App allows a person to save favorite colors, select the different colors for use, and share colors with other users. Cronzy is available in either silver or black, and each pen set comes with: the pen, charging case, power supply, 5 tips, 2 ink cartridges, and instruction manual. The 5 interchangeable tip sizes are: ink nib, .7mm, 2mm, 3mm, and felt tip.  

The team at Cronzy has been working very diligently on all of the essential groundwork for their pen and they are now ready to begin the final stages of product development.  A lot of time and research went into the development of Cronzy, and they now have a fully-functional prototype, but they need help bringing the Cronzy pen to market which is why they have launched their Indiegogo campaign, and hired a team of crowdfunding specialists to help them spread the word. As an added bonus with this campaign, the team is offering supporters the opportunity to pre-order Cronzy at a significant savings off of regular retail pricing. The team plans to finalize all the design and engineering aspects after the campaign, with a projected delivery date of Spring 2017. Full details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.

About Cronzy Inc.:

Cronzy is the inspired brainchild of Alex Leonets. Together with a talented team of professionals who each have experience in their individual areas of expertise, they plan to bring the Cronzy hi-tech artist tool to the world.

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