CourtCall's Video Remote Arraignment Service Allows Sheriffs, Police and Courts to Move Cases and Save Cost

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​​​​​CourtCall announced the continuing expansion of its Video Remote Arraignment platform that allows the functions required by courts, law enforcement and other justice partners to be completed with one easy to use and secure solution:

Secure and browser-based without downloads to court or other government networks and trained moderator support all but eliminate the “----bombing” that occurs on the mass-market platforms.

Fingerprint scanning and capture allow for authentication and identification. 

Fingerprints can be stored and/or embedded on necessary documents for court files.

Copies can be retained by the court in its database and printed for the defendant.

DocuSign electronic signature is embedded so as to allow real-time execution of orders and the capture of inmate and other participant signatures.

All justice partners – law enforcement, public defenders, private counsel, prosecutors and others can participate remotely.

CourtCall’s caucus rooms allow for private attorney/client conversations.

CourtCall’s caucus rooms allow prosecutors to engage in pre-hearing evaluation and negotiation.

Defendants need not be transported, reducing cost and maximizing general and Covid-specific safety and security.

Systems can be in operation in days – in jurisdictions both large and small.

Broadcasting and free public access are available.

CourtCall can supplement and work alongside other technologies courts may utilize.

“Courts and corrections and detention facilities are suffering from a lack of information about alternatives to video platforms that do not match their workflows,” said Bob Alvarado, CourtCall’s CEO, “and we need to do a better job of getting the word out.”

“Self-service, generic platforms that do not track the workflow of the justice system are not sustainable.  For a fraction of what a community pays for inmate transportation and arraignment or magistration, it can have CourtCall’s platform that replicates the courtroom experience and the needs of all justice partners,” Alvarado continued. “Hundreds of thousands of hours are being lost and justice is being delayed and made more expensive when a more effective and efficient tool such as CourtCall is not adopted.  We are here to help and to offer the service and support that others simply do not provide,” Alvarado concluded.

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CourtCall was established in 1995, with the desire to make remote court appearances simple, accessible and affordable for all parties and has completed more than 6,000,000 remote appearances. CourtCall developed the Remote Appearance Platform, creating an organized and voluntary way for attorneys to appear for routine matters in Civil, Family, Criminal, Probate, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and other cases from their offices, homes or other convenient locations. Designed with reliable and user-friendly technologies, courts and remote participants experience seamless communication during cases, while benefiting from significant time and cost savings. 


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