CourtCall Introduces Its ODR Panel

For years, CourtCall provided virtual access to Arbitration and Mediation sessions. During the pandemic, it became clear that even more busy, tech-savvy neutrals and legal professionals were in need of the enhanced services provided by CourtCall - features and services unavailable on the mass-market platforms. As a result, CourtCall has assembled its ODR Panel of over 40 Arbitrators and Mediators from across the United States specializing in over 50 areas of law. CourtCall focuses on remote access technology so that Arbitrators, Mediators, lawyers, clients and witnesses can concentrate on the adjudication or resolution of the dispute.

All ODR sessions are hosted on CourtCall's ODR Video Platform. To ensure that the Arbitrators and Mediators can concentrate on the issues, argument and testimony, CourtCall provides a live moderator who can assist with evidence presentation, queuing and participation of remote witnesses, moving participants to private caucus rooms and general technical support for those participants who may require it. Importantly, CourtCall has embedded various features to help replicate the intricacies of an in-person session, including electronic signature, a document collaboration tool that allows in-session highlighting and drawing on documents and further allows those documents to be electronically marked as Exhibits, printed and saved, instantaneous caucus rooms and an intuitive document sharing feature.

Michael Wapnick, an ODR Specialist at CourtCall, observed that "We are providing the technology and support that are missing when ODR sessions are attempted on other platforms. CourtCall's platform and services specifically replicate the workflows that Arbitrators and Mediators have developed and relied upon for years." Long before the pandemic, CourtCall provided the support necessary for Arbitrators and Mediators to move to a virtual world, and many in the legal community who were skeptical now appreciate the value of expanded remote access. "Neutrals and legal professionals increasingly appreciate that ODR is frequently as effective as an in-person session, significantly less expensive and far more convenient for the participants," Wapnick added.

CourtCall charges an administrative fee to participants to handle all scheduling, pre-session testing, coordination, live moderation and access to its proprietary platform. "The CourtCall ODR platform is not simply a video-conferencing platform, it has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of the ODR community and can accommodate virtually any situation that may arise during a session. We work diligently with our Panelists to ensure that each session is customized to meet their expectations," Wapnick concluded.

Since 1996, CourtCall has provided customized remote appearance solutions to courts and administrative agencies across North America. By providing an effective alternative to in-person appearances, CourtCall has allowed attorneys, participants, witnesses and others individuals to reduce the cost of litigation and expand access to justice. 

Legal professionals and members of the public may review the qualifications of the CourtCall ODR Panel members and request a Mediation or Arbitration session at


Michael Wapnick, ODR Specialist

(888) 882-6878 ext. 884 or

Source: CourtCall

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