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​​Unfortunately, courts across the nation and the globe are already feeling the budget cuts associated with the pandemic. As is being reported, courts are being warned about and sustaining double-digit budget cuts. While nothing like the current situation, CourtCall has served courts and their communities during trying times in the past.

"Among many local disruptions and emergencies, we were here for courts in the '90s, during the dot-com bust of the 2000s and the Great Recession and the aftermath that impacted courts for years. It is during times like these when our experience really sets CourtCall apart," said Bob Alvarado, CourtCall's CEO. "Courts cannot take on the costs of highly priced, equipment-heavy solutions or the risks associated with new or unproven software solutions. Nor are courts in a position to have Judges and staff spend hours training, learning how to manipulate and troubleshoot other platforms while backlogs grow. It is no accident that many courts and communities have relied on CourtCall for decades," Alvarado continued. "And, while our video platform can enhance and expand remote participation and access to justice, there will remain countless situations where our telephonic appearance program will be more than sufficient to complete a court's important work."  

With CourtCall's solutions, courts have the flexibility to use business-grade technology while preserving as many jobs and court services as possible.

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CourtCall was established in 1995, with the desire to make remote court appearances simple, accessible and affordable for all parties and has completed more than six million remote appearances. With this objective in mind, CourtCall developed the Remote Appearance Platform, creating an organized and voluntary way for attorneys to appear for routine matters in civil, family, criminal, probate, bankruptcy, workers’ compensation and other cases from their offices, homes or other convenient locations. Designed with reliable and user-friendly technologies, courts and remote participants experience seamless communication during cases, while benefiting from significant time and cost savings. Today, CourtCall is the industry leader in facilitating remote court appearances throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide. Technologies continue to expand, such that remote court appearances can be conducted with audio, video and, when necessary, remote interpretation services.

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