Coupon Cups: The Interactive Branded Paper Cup

Coupon Cups are the latest fad all across the B2C marketing industry.The closest analogy is coupons, prizes and tickets distributed by Cola companies on the reverse side of the sleeves on their PET bottles. Scyphus tells us about how and why this unique paper cup, that goes beyond its regular avatar and end up being quite quirky, is catching up so well with the non-hospitality people as well.

Scyphus has been asked several times over in recent times, "why are people warming up to something like a coupon cup? I don't think it works", but yet, people who ordered once, keep ordering over and over again. This quirky cup is picking up speed indeed, and the paper cup industry needed to understand why. Because if they didn't, they couldn't answer the curious customer either. So here is Scyphus' understanding written in simple words, for those who would want to run some offers or prizes and integrate that with their branded paper cups for some never before experienced response.

What’s better than a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee with a freebie attached! 

These days, freebies are few and far between. Modern life is expensive and there’s a price tag on everything. That’s why the chance to get anything for free has customers eating out of your hand!

Coupons Make It More Than a Hot Drink

It’s no exaggeration that humans are drawn to anything offering a discount, a freebie or a chance to win a prize. Whatever the deal, coupons are a fast way to get attention. So why not sweeten the deal even further with a coupon on your paper cups? 

What is a Coupon Cup

Coupon cups are one of the hottest marketing tools around. And, as Branded Paper Cups knows, they get results! Branded Paper Cups is the UK’s leading company in creating customized paper cups with corporate branding. Their in-house design team can print any company’s logo, slogan or image on a paper cup, exactly to specifications. Coupon cups is branding with a difference! When it comes to coupon cups, the possibilities are endless. Branded Paper Cups use innovative technology to create a peel-off section on their Double-Wall paper cups. This can reveal a printed coupon, prize or ticket – whatever you like! Whether it’s a corporate event, promotion or celebration, a branded paper cup provides an element of exposure that no banner or brochure can match. Coupon cups not only stand out above all the rest, they give your customer a lasting piece of your brand.

Coupons Are For Keeps 

When given a voucher or a coupon, customers hold on it. They tuck it away into their wallet or handbag for safe keeping. That coupon now serves as a lasting reminder to the customer to visit YOUR company or service. After all, who throws away a freebie? Unlike a plain paper cup, coupons aren’t likely to be thrown away. If the coupon promises something for free, or at a special rate, chances are the customer will hang onto it. A coupon makes a cup so much more than a cup. It’s a lasting impression of your business – and the chance to use your business’ services.

The Paper Cup Market: It’s Not Slowing Down 

Takeaway coffee is one of the biggest industries in the world. And, considering that paper cups are purchased as regularly as bread and milk, it’s almost too easy to turn them into a marketing tool for your business! Paper cup marketing is nothing new. It doesn’t take much to convince someone to buy a cup of coffee. In fact, it’s estimated that seven million paper cups of takeaway coffee are sold in the UK every day. If that’s the market for ordinary cups, imagine how many more people will buy a cup that promises a freebie? The potential to gather new customers is huge.

Branding a paper cup with your company’s name gets attention. It sticks in a customer’s mind. Even better, it sticks in the mind of all the people they pass while holding their paper cup. Think of it as a mini-billboard! And adding a coupon to the mix makes it even more exciting! 

Interaction: Talk To Your Customers 

Customers love a business that talks to them. Customers also love novelty. A good proportion of the people buying their daily coffee-to-go are on their way to work, school or some other humdrum activity. A coffee cup with a peel-off coupon sparks intrigue! It adds an element of fun and fortune to their day. And, above all, it lodges your company firmly in their mind. 

Types of Coupons 

- Paper coupons: Coupons that offer a discount on a product or service are a reliable way to get attention. The customer now has every reason to visit your business and avail of their special offer.

- Competition: Nothing gets attention faster than the chance to win a prize! It’s not just the thought of winning – it’s the fun in trying your luck. After all isn’t that why we play Lotto?

- Tickets: Like a coupon, a ticket allows a customer to claim something. Tickets can include entry to an event or an access code to a website promotion.

Any Cup, Any Brand 

Coupon-printed cups take branding to the next level. They’re an exciting way to serve any hot or cold drink, and they leave a lasting impression. Give your customer more than a hot drink. Give them a piece of your brand!

Source: Scyphus, UK