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Counterpoint Test Prep is happy to announce that their brand-new website is up and running. Now it’s easier than ever to conquer the ACT exam and get into the ideal college.

With the new website, users can access the entire course catalog, as well as learn about the innovative, proprietary PINPOINT strategy. Counterpoint features courses for ACT English, Math, Science and Reading. Users can even subscribe to our convenient ACT question of the day to keep their minds sharp, no matter what time of year it is. Check out our catalog here.

Counterpoint has put their heart and soul into this site, just as they have with their courses. Each one of their courses is written and taught by teaching professionals who not only know the material inside and out but know the teaching styles and test-taking strategies required to see all students improve their ACT scores.

Over the past 20 years, I've worked with literally thousands of students. In that time, I've seen that most prep courses taught by the big preparation companies just don't deliver. They're too time consuming. They're boring—which makes them hard to read—and they demand an enormous amount of self-discipline for any student to complete. I'm going to show you how you/your student can benefit from my vast experience and proprietary systematic approach to college prep, so they too can be on their way to the college or university of their dreams!

Kay Van Der Burg


The PINPOINT thinking process has been refined to teach students how to focus on important information and ignore the irrelevant extra details. Keep in mind that these aren’t last-minute cram courses. Counterpoint helps students prepare well in advance of the ACT, so they can not only learn the necessary information but also cultivate the necessary skills and strategies to boost their test score as far as it can go.

Even after users have conquered the ACT, they’ll find multiple resources on the website to take advantage of. Finding the right college can be tough, but this new site includes a complete course on finding the right college, as well as courses for writing application essays. Students can even submit their essays for evaluation and can expect a response back in just three short working days.

Through the Counterpoint website, users can find effective resources for parents as well as students. In addition to the convenient e-book, “A Parent’s Guide to the ACT,” users will find essential information about pricing and benefits. For the first time ever, everything one needs to know is in a single convenient location.

Users are always free to contact Counterpoint with any questions they may have, but there’s also an FAQ page available with the most common questions users ask, complete with convenient answers.

The ACT plays a huge role in college acceptance, and students deserve every advantage they can get. Even though the perfect score is 36, the average score is around 20-21. If students can boost their scores to at least a 27, that already puts them in the top 15 percent, which could qualify them for selective colleges and even some scholarships. Counterpoint students already enjoy that advantage, with average scores ranging from 25 to 27.

Thanks to Counterpoint’s new website, preparing for the ACT is easier than ever. With everything in one convenient location, users can browse our courses, take the ones they want and better prepare for the ACT from the comfort of home. Dr. Kay and everyone at Counterpoint Test Prep invites students to explore their courses and discover how they can boost their ACT score today.

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