Cotton Shower Pillow Inc. Will Launch Their Second Kickstarter Product, Dullo Pillow, on March 13, 2019

Dullo Pillow is a cervical pillow with ergonomic spinal alignment grooves for side sleepers, a head-cradling crater on the other side for back sleepers and a ventilation system that keeps people cool during the night.

After raising over $20,000 for its first product on Indiegogo, Cotton Shower Pillow Inc. is looking to launch another crowdfunding campaign for its newest product: Dullo Pillow. The launch date has been set for March 13, 2019.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, almost all people (~80 percent) today suffer from some type of chronic muscle pain, especially around their neck, shoulder and back area. While this type of pain can originate from a number of sources, a pillow that isn't right for a specific person can usually compound with other factors to increase the levels of discomfort.

Dullo Pillow has been designed to provide comfort for all types of sleepers. On one side of the pillow, the ergonomic spinal alignment grooves allow the spine to remain aligned and parallel to the mattress for side sleepers. On the other side, a head-cradling crater helps to evenly distribute the weight of the head for back sleepers. 

Two different length neck support tubes allow the user to maintain their natural C-curve throughout the night and the microfiber filling provides just the right amount of firmness to gently support the body as it naturally molds to the shape of the pillow. 

If the Dullo Pillow is too high, users can unzip both sides to disassemble the pillow. This structure also allows for a drastic increase in airflow throughout the pillow so that users can stay cool during even the warmest nights. 

Dullo Pillow has announced that their early bird prices for the Kickstarter campaign will be limited to the first 100 backers. Backers can sign up on Dullo Pillow's website to receive early access to these discounts. Any influencers or journalists that are interested in receiving a sample are encouraged to send an inquiry to Dullo Pillow's media contact. 

Media Contact:
Jin Oh

Source: Cotton Shower Pillow Inc.

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