Costly Rods And Reels Protected From Fishing Thieves And Each Other

The Rod & Reel Carrier & Yum Yum Box are a must-have for every fisherman in order to keep costly rods/reels safe and organized properly.

Fishermen, need a way to keep expensive fishing rods protected, not only from would-be thieves, but from the other cargo in the pickup bed, and from each other? The Rod & Reel Carrier & Yum Yum Box can store and protect rods and reels during transport and keep them from getting tangled and twisted up together. A form-fitting storage box insert for the beds of full-size pickups, the Rod & Reel Carrier & Yum Yum Box is designed to hold, separate, and secure multiple fishing rods and reels during transport.

The Patent Pending Rod & Reel Carrier & Yum Yum Box was invented by Vincent Jones and Lee Haynes of Houston, TX, who said, “Manufactured of aluminum, the Rod & Reel Carrier & Yum Yum Box carries up to 10 rods and reels, keeping them separated from one another and cushioned against bumps, impacts, and any dislodging movement. It is easy to install and remove and has lots of space for other tackle and gear.”

The inventor added, “Like a tool-box, it fits neatly just behind the cab of a pickup truck. For security purposes, the box can be locked."

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