ContentWriters Wraps Up Highly Successful COVID-19 Charity Initiative to Provide Free Resume-Editing Services - Looks Toward Summer 2020 to Relaunch Initiative

​​​​​​This week, ContentWriters wrapped up its free resume-editing service campaign in order to assist individuals who recently lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. The company leveraged the impact of skillful editing to help unemployed people get back on their feet.

The content writing agency received nearly 700 submissions in just two weeks from job seekers of all skill levels, from VPs of Fortune 500 companies to dishwashers.

Eligible people took advantage of the free resume-editing services by submitting a drafted resume to ContentWriters. The company's writers, editors, and internal team members polished the resumes by adjusting formatting, highlighting key aspects of the job seeker’s skills and experience, and ensuring the copy was engaging and written in an active voice.

ContentWriters helps businesses fulfill their content marketing objectives through a rigorous content creator selection process. The content specialists narrow down the writer pool to the content creators who have demonstrated they can create powerful content for clients that accurately captures their brand voice and company tone. Specialists choose the perfect content creator for each client from a thoughtfully curated list of highly skilled, highly talented writers.

“We wanted to figure out a way we could help people who are struggling during this time. We believe strongly in the power of solid writing and editing. This belief made offering free resume-editing services the perfect way of giving back for us,” ContentWriters CEO Emily O'Connor said.

Dozens of people demonstrated gratitude for the initiative by giving ContentWriters a shout-out on social media or reaching out to the company directly. Additionally, news of the free resume services was shared across multiple outlets like The Krazy Coupon Lady and Reddit's freebies section.

Building off the success of the campaign, ContentWriters plans to execute it again later this year with the goal of making it bigger and better by mobilizing more companies, writers, and editors who want to get involved.

ContentWriters has emerged as a go-to resource for marketers, business owners, and writers seeking to compete and succeed in a constantly evolving business landscape. The company provides a full-scale, high-quality service for clients that includes editing and proofreading, custom content that is always original, expertise on specific industries, topic pitching and ideation, account management and custom calendars, and a streamlined, fully scalable platform.

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ContentWriters empowers businesses to fulfill their content marketing objectives through its rigorous selection process, which provides customers an opportunity to choose their ideal content creator from a carefully curated list of highly skilled, highly talented writers. Writers are selected that have a proven track record of successfully creating effective content for clients that not only showcases insider expertise but also embodies that company's tone and accurately captures its brand voice. Learn more at

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