ContentWriters: This is What Companies Need to Know About Search Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has heavily impacted many industries and practices. Search marketing is no exception. Fortunately, ContentWriters is offering valuable insight and actionable advice here about search marketing based on their expertise and honed through many years of experience.

Google processes nearly four billion searches per day. This means search marketing is one of the most powerful forces in digital marketing.

Home-Based Engagement Will Skyrocket

Home-based engagement will continue to rise throughout the pandemic as social distancing and stay-at-home orders become commonplace. The majority of consumers will shop online for all of the items they need during this time period. They will also access forms of entertainment online.

Companies should respond to this surge in home-based engagement by taking the following measures:

  • Acknowledge Coronavirus-related concerns and explain how it is affecting business operations
  • Respond to customer concerns; social media is an excellent platform to use for this purpose
  • Maintain optimal customer support through tools such as chatbox software or online chat features
  • If possible, give customers a form of entertainment they can do while at home

Avoiding Certain Trends Is Imperative

There are also some behaviors and actions businesses should steer clear of at this time. This includes avoiding certain trends that capitalize on customers acting irresponsibly. For example, initially, there was an uptick in millennials taking advantage of slashed flight and hospitality prices. However, marketing-savvy airlines and online travel booking websites wisely did not encourage their decisions.

In fact, businesses in the travel industry will need to shift their marketing focus from profitable ventures to social responsibility and customer service. Princess Cruises is responding to the hit on its image by offering out-of-commission ships for use as medical facilities. American Airlines is leveraging its Facebook page to spotlight positive customer comments and post messages from its top executives about Coronavirus-related concerns.

Conferences Will Get Canceled or Become Virtual

Attending conferences is a major part of working in marketing, especially search engine marketing. Realistically, marketers can expect conferences scheduled in the first part of 2020 to get canceled due to safety concerns.

Fortunately, some of these events may still be held virtually with information presented remotely. For example, Google canceled the in-person version of its Cloud Next 2020 conference in San Francisco, but announced plans to stream the event online.

Product Distribution and Promotion Will Prove Challenging

Amazon, a retail giant, threw a wrench in the works when it stopped accepting products other than medical supplies and household staples in March 2020. This development presents a search marketing problem because companies with products that are not available for easy distribution will not be able to promote them online.

While some businesses may be able to find alternate distribution channels, many online-based businesses lacking on-site storage options will be forced to stretch their budget or redefine their entire business model.

SEO Consultants Will Need to Change Their Approach

Businesses affected by the Coronavirus may not view SEO, paid advertising and other search marketing techniques as essential. As a result, SEO consultants and digital marketing firms will need to find respectful and practical ways to retain existing clients and win new clients. Part of achieving this objective is retooling their content to highlight the value of search and SEO marketing for convincing a wary and financially reeling public to frequent their business again.

Companies Will Need to Exercise Caution Using Popular Search Terms

Terms such as "Coronavirus" and "COVID-19" have come to dominate search engine results in recent weeks. While it is perfectly reasonable for businesses to tap into their popularity, they must do so in a respectful and relevant way. Failing to use these terms appropriately could cause some consumers to view a company in a negative light - not to mention set off Google's spam alarms.

Customer Relationships and Community Outreach Will Rule

This is the perfect time for companies to solidify their brand's reputation and clarify their messaging with search marketing content. Businesses can leverage tools such as Answer the Public to see the topics people are talking about in real-time related to certain products, services, businesses, locations or industries. They can then work these topics into new content.

One of the few advantages the Coronavirus pandemic offers is the ability for brands to improve or maintain their online reputation with acts of kindness they can be referenced in online content. For example, Starbucks is giving first responders free cups of coffee nationwide. OYO Hotels & Homes and other hotel chains are offering free stays to doctors. Some McDonald's franchisees are stepping up by giving first responders and doctors free meals.

These examples are just a few that illustrate how businesses with the resources to do so can earn some beneficial social/online goodwill during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

Ultimately, every business should be prepared to step up in terms of content.

"Compelling, high-quality, audience-focused content is more important than ever right now. This entails everything from getting creative with virtual offerings to simply letting customers know they are there for them during this uncertain time," ContentWriters CEO Emily O'Connor said.

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