Harnesses AI for Personalized Content: Announcing the Latest Brand Voice Service introduces Brand Voice, a groundbreaking service, enabling businesses to craft unique brand identities using AI. It goes beyond generic content generation, aligning with each brand's identity, incorporating corporate data, tonalities, and style guidelines. User-friendly and free across all subscription tiers, this service ensures a seamless experience for content creation., remains a global leader in AI-driven content creation across multiple formats since its establishment in 2020, the global AI-driven scale-up specializing in multimodal content creation, has officially unveiled Brand Voice, a new service empowering businesses to create tailored content. This groundbreaking service is accessible to platform users on a global scale.

This most recent update empowers users to customize all platform content using a specific brand's voice, allowing clients to build a distinct brand identity. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the platform excels in crafting distinctive brand voices, thereby enabling businesses to engage their target audience while reflecting their values and brand objectives.

With this innovative product offering, generative AI results transcend generic outputs and embrace each brand's unique identity. While AI writing tools are beneficial, they sometimes fall short in delivering authenticity and alignment with a company's brand vision. Consequently, Brand Voice empowers businesses to elevate their brand image through the incorporation of precise corporate and product data, brand tonalities, and tailored style guidelines.

This tool's user-friendliness and intuitiveness ensure a seamless experience for all users. Accessing the Brand Voice section is the only prerequisite to create and establish a personalized voice. Once set as the default, users will always have access to their designated brand voice for generating content. Furthermore, Brand Voice is available free of charge across all three subscription tiers: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

About is a generative Artificial Intelligence platform designed to facilitate the creation of textual content, audio, video, and animations, ensuring the highest standard of quality and setting new benchmarks within the AI platform landscape. Established in 2020, boasts a global presence and has solidified its reputation as one of the premier creators of various content formats in a matter of seconds. employs an open bidding system across multiple LLMs, utilizing the strengths of each to optimize its operations. is accessible in six languages and possesses the capability to generate content in virtually any language worldwide through its extensive datasets. The basic subscription package begins at an affordable $7 per month. As of today, boasts a global customer base with thousands of clients hailing from various parts of the world.



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