Construction Startup Boxabl Promises Disaster-Proof Buildings

'No more homes need to burn.'

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Construction technology startup Boxabl announces it has begun prototype production of a fireproof home system referred to by the company as the “Universal Building Box.” The Box is described as a method of modular home construction. Individual rooms are built in the Boxabl factory using advanced manufacturing methods and shipped to site where they are assembled into a completed building.

To learn how Boxabl plans to stop one more house from burning down, check out the website at

This new product has an impressive feature list that could make it immune to natural disasters happening all around the USA and the world.

Boxabl claims that its buildings are completely fire-resistant, offering an A1 0/0 flame rating.

Fires aren't the only natural disaster to cause millions of dollars of damage this year; property damage tolls due to disaster flooding are also a huge issue.

Boxabl’s claims of the product are impressive: energy-efficient, affordable, flood-resistant, bug-resistant, wind-resistant, impact-resistant and mold-resistant. To top it off, Boxabl also plans to offer these buildings at a lower price than traditional construction.

Galiano Tiramani, in charge of business development at Boxabl, said, “We believe our home-building technology should be the default for builders in areas prone to fire risk. If people are rebuilding homes that were previously burned by a wildfire, they need to consider fireproof building methods. No more homes need to burn.”

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