Construction Startup Boxabl Debuts Product Demonstrator at International Builders Show

Boxabl Construction Technology Will Dramatically Speed Up Builds and Lower Costs

Outside a Boxabl

Construction technology startup BOXABL debuts core and shell building solution, uses adaptable architecture and calls it a “game changer.” Feb. 19-21, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Boxabl showcases its building technology in Show Village at the International Builders Show, building a 1,500 square-foot demonstrator home.

The Boxabl vision is to solve the home affordability crisis by mass producing and inventorying “build anything” building blocks. Boxabl plans to manufacture three sizes of room modules that can be stacked, combined and arranged to build almost anything imaginable.

Boxabl's patented shipping technology enables shipping to a worldwide market for its new category of building product.

Boxabl urges potential customers to reserve their boxes now at as the factory, scheduled to break ground in 2020, will limit capacity to 3,000 units in its first year.

With an expected MSRP of $38/ft, which includes finished walls, floors and exterior, Boxabl product boasts an unbeatable price while maintaining an undeniable feature list that lets the Boxabl product compete with the high end of the market.

Boxabl founder Paolo Tiramani has this to say about the company's upcoming Series A investment round: “As we begin raising capital for our initial manufacturing facility, we believe this is a great opportunity for investors to get on board the ground floor of an infinitely scalable manufacturing business that is destined for almost every construction site around the world.”

Source: Boxabl

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