Connecticut Grandmother Invents Perfect Holiday Gift That is Made in America

Inventor proves age doesn't matter and uses retirement and Kickstarter money to test the viability and interest in her invention

Inventor Bonnie Tyler

The Negg® Egg Peeler (Negg® means naked egg) celebrates its second holiday season with a lot of cheer and relief. The stress of taking a financial chance was well worth it since it is a favorite holiday gift. It is given as stocking stuffers and hostess gifts worldwide.

The Negg®, developed by long-time business partners Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan, has a lot of buzz around it. It took two Kickstarter campaigns, the second of which afforded them the opportunity to move ahead with production. Now, it is the number-one-selling egg peeler in the world and is made in America.

“I thought I was going to have to live out of my car while selling Neggs® out of my trunk. After we manufactured the initial product, the first three months felt like forever before we had a big sale. I would open the garage door and wonder if the inventory would ever move. Then gradually we had orders from Sur La Table, and Home Shopping Network and the rest is history,” said Bonnie Tyler, inventor of the Negg®.

Little did they know that the frustration of peeling eggs was so visceral and universal. “Most people actually say they ‘hate’ peeling boiled eggs. Who knew? I thought I was the exception,” says Tyler. For many fitness-oriented people, hard-boiled eggs are “superfoods” and the staple of their nutritional diets. The Negg® makes it fast and fun to peel an egg for an easy, protein snack.

“Although my family loves deviled eggs, I was reluctant to make them because of my frustration with peeling the eggs. When Bonnie thought she had a solution to the problem, I was all in,” said Torgan.  

One of Tyler and Torgan's favorite attributes of the Negg® is its ease of use. A customer recently posted on The Grommet® website, "While I love deviled eggs and would usually prepare them for holidays, the amount of effort required was unrealistic especially as I'm 65 years old now and suffer with arthritic hands. Your product has given me back the ability to enjoy egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs and everyday hardboiled eggs!"

Source: The Negg® Egg Peeler


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Airigan Solutions, LLC was founded in 2015. Co-founders Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan are Co-creators of The Negg® Egg Peeler:

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